What are we?

Onenest is a community of Artist. We are promoting all types of talents. Onenest is a venue totally concentrated for Live show, and open mics. We have Events every week. We laugh, cry, make memories and artist. Here we have mature to an amateur artist coming and showcasing their talent. 

Poetry, Comedy, Music, Story, Rap, Instruments, Etc.

what do we do ?




open mics 

We conduct open mic in various places in India. Open mics includes poetry, storytelling, Music, rap and various other art. To know recent open mics happening in your city 


We do curated shows. Standup comedy shows, Mushairas, Musical showcases. To know more about recent shows and book your tickets 

artist management

We collaborate with various venues and we provide them with entertainment. We have various collaborations. If you are looking for live events at your venue 

social media marketing

We even help in social media marketing. May it be Facebook page, YouTube, Instagram we help you build your social presence. If you looking for something like that

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