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Are you confused? Don't know where to start? Tips for beginner musicians.

If you want to establish a career as a musician, then you need to put in the time and effort it takes to play like a professional.

Whether you’ve been playing your chosen instrument for years, or you’re just getting started, no one is perfect and everyone can improve. So if you’re hoping to take that next step towards playing like a pro, or looking for new ways to hone your skills, here are our tips to help you become a better musician.

How to Practice?

When a professional musician practices their instrument, they go through scales (or rudiments) repeatedly, working hard to improve their technique. Set yourself a dedicated practice or warm-up regime for each day to burn those scales into your memory.

Goal Setting:

  • Pick a scale you want to learn

  • Major scale/ Minor scale

  • Practicing a scale for at least 7 times

  • Picking a particular song

  • Practicing the song until its fully completed

Have Patience

  • You cannot learn guitar or any musical instruments in a day or month

  • It requires lots of patience and research

  • You can learn how to play a song on any instruments in a week, But in-depth knowledge requires your time, interest and patience

Frustration will only mess your mind, time, space and energy. A calm and peaceful mind will take you close to your musical journey

Have a Jamming session more often:

Just enjoy a friendly jam with friends, playing in a group can help to not only improve your technique but also your timing and improvisational skills.

These are some basic tips to start your musical journey. Comment below your thoughts and let us know if this article helped you to get clarity from where to start.

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